Friday, May 20, 2011

Improving the Nerf Streamline dart: part 1

  I was looking for mod for streamline darts to get a better straight line accuracy for targets that where 15+ feet away. When I spring modded my Nerf Longshot and Longstrike for extra power, it made the darts travel better but they where still spiraling off course and still inaccurate. I then learned that the darts where to light and needed some weight added to them to travel better in a straighter line. I first use the hot glue trick where you cut open the heads of the streamline darts and fill them with hot glue (stinger darts), they are really good but the darts tips are very hard can be painful especially when getting hit in the eye, and they could be damaging to household items like LCD screens if playing indoors.  I also tried the tape mod, it was good for protecting the darts but it wasn't accurate enough and would jam badly with some Nerf guns. Then I heard of modders using washers with Stefan darts, then I got the idea of putting washers around the heads of Streamline darts..

Just like the Hot glue tip darts I can better hit targets that's over 20 feet away without the hard tips.

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